Snouts Honour is truly an extension of our family – Krista and Caitlin love our dog Houston like he is their own. He waits by the door for them every day and he comes home tired and most importantly happy! They cater to your needs, as well. We started on private and semi private walks but once we welcomed a baby to the family and needed Houston to get more exercise during the day, they added him to their social outings. He is obsessed and has even slimmed down a little since joining Snouts Honour!! Their pack is an awesome mix of great dogs and they focus on the quality of the dogs in their pack rather than the quantity of dogs in their pack, which is the most important factor when considering any dog walker. Highly recommend Snouts Honour – your dog will thank you for it!

— Houston & Christina

Look no further for a dog walker!! The Snouts Honour ladies go above and beyond then just walking your dog. They clearly love what they do and care for our pup as if he were their own. The social outings are our dogs favourite and he loves spending the time running around with his snouts pack. If I could I would give these ladies a higher star rating because of how great their service is.

— Kobe & Katherine

I have never seen our pup so excited to see the Snouts Honour crew – not to mention the dogs in the pack. Great service, professional, reliable and this duo is truly passionate ‘the pack’. Highly recommend!

Max & Laura

Krista and Caitlin are simply amazing. They put the dogs well being above all else, which is so refreshing. They truly want what is best for each dog, and cater to their individual needs.

My two dogs couldn’t be more different. I have a 75lb 9 month old giant schnauzer who has unlimited energy and is a social butterfly. She really loves the dog park outings and thrives when she can play with every other dog! My other dog is a 45lb 2.5 year old standard schnauzer who takes a long time warming up to new dogs in new environments.

I love that they understand both of their unique personalities and really cater to each of their needs. I can not recommend them enough

— Winston, Abby & Caroline

The absolute best dog walkers we’ve ever had. Krista and Caitlin treat our dog, Jasper, as if he’s their own baby. Jasper loves going on his walks with the Snouts Squad and always comes back happy (and tired)!

— Jasper & Tanya

I love working with Snouts Honour but more importantly my dog loves it. He goes nuts just hearing their car come down the road to pick him up. I can tell he is so loved there and the pups are always tired from a full day of running around. I also enjoy the cute things they do as well like dressing the dogs up for Halloween and having a little party. With Covid we took a little break but are looking forward to renouncing the pack this fall! Rudi can’t wait to see his buddies

— Rudi & Eva

The ladies at Snouts Honour are amazing! They accommodate everything from ever changing pickup/ drop off times to food prep requests (mixing rice with kibble). My dog is always excited to see Krista for pickup and tired when he is dropped off – it is worth every penny. The ladies keep me posted throughout the day with photos and texts to keep me from being a crazy dog mom.
Thank you so much for everything you do for Frankie!

Frankie & Shelby

What an amazing experience!! My husband and I took a two week trip to Italy in March, usually we leave our lab Katie with my in laws, however, due their age we were reluctant to leave her for that long. I decided to start looking for a service that fit our needs and Snouts Honour did not disappoint. They made accommodations to go and pick Katie up from my in laws house for 3 daily outings. My in laws gave us daily reports and they said Katie was excited every time Caitlin came over to take Katie out. She was professional and extremely caring towards our dog. She was always on time and pleasant with my in laws. She took the time to send us updates and pictures on how Katie was doing. She made sure Katie had plenty of exercise and brought along some friends for Katie to play with. I would recommend Snouts Honour to everyone that wants to make sure that their pet is well cared for!! Thank you Caitlin for taking care of Katie, you’ve made a friend for life!

Katie & Dennis