Summer Savers

Here in Ontario our summers might be short but they sure are hot and humid. We are always so excited to be out and about in the summertime but the heat can be dangerous. We have compiled a list of tools that we love, that keep the dogs and us cool.

I would like to add that we are not professional vets or doctors. We are just very passionate about our friends with four paws. We love to learn and hope that if we missed anything you will add your favorite tools in the comments! That way we can all have the most fun this summer. 

Remember to limit time outside if it is hot, check the pavement by placing your hand on it. It can get really hot so protect those paws!

Water Bottles

Hydration is key, for us and the dogs. We spend a lot of time out on the road so we depend on a nice water bottle (or five) to keep in the car. We love ones like this because they stay cold and hold a lot of water, we also love these ones because they are lightweight and easy to refill in the car and take on our walks. (Protip: use a frozen plastic water bottle as an ice pack for your lunch and then you will have ice cold water as it melts).

Collapsable Bowl

Other than our leashes, this is probably one of the things we use the most. We absolutely love these! They have a little clip so you can carry it easily, it collapses so it is easy to travel with.

Cooling Towels undefined

These come in handy on those really hot days. It is nice for us, as well as the dogs. 

Kiddy Pool

Great for kids, great for dogs. I have one in my backyard and we love it. All the dogs love to dip their paws in to cool down. My dog loves to have a full on lay and roll, I don’t blame him. You can also play games and put tennis balls in the water, apple bobbing anyone?

Electric Starter

Although not a necessity it is nice to have. This way you can automatically start cooling your car before getting in it. We know cars can get extremely hot in the summer, this way it is nice and comfortable! You can also get an extension so you can improve the air flow to the back on the car.

Cooling vest and Mat

Like these ones here and here. These are great to get for your dog specifically to keep them cool on a long hike or at home if you don’t have AC.

Feeling Fancy?

They also have doggy ice cream! There’s a place in Toronto that serves to humans and dogs called Brett’s Ice Cream, but you can also make it yourself. The ice cream is dog friendly, cool, and apparently delicious (my dog inhales it). Treat your dog this summer!