Ice Cream Recipe For A Hot Dog

A lot of people asked for our ice cream recipe after our last blog post, so we thought we would share it for anyone who wants to try it! If you try it, please share your dogs enjoying their ice cream with us @SnoutsHonour on Instagram and Facebook!

Summer Savers

Here in Ontario our summers might be short but they sure are hot and humid. We are always so excited to be out and about in the summertime but the heat can be dangerous. We have compiled a list of tools that we love, that keep the dogs and us cool. I would like to … Continue reading Summer Savers


Snout Snacks

We love to bake for our dogs, and people are always asking for the recipe, so we thought it was time to share! Our favourite thing about this recipe, is it is completely gluten free. I love knowing exactly what my dog is getting. These are all ingredients I feel good about eating so I … Continue reading Snout Snacks